Monday, 8 October 2012


Hey there blogging community.

As a reasonably new being to both blogs and technology, I'm quite unsure as I begin this internet adventure.
                     Thus, murkiness.

I'm not so sure about how these things go, but I do know they are about creativity, expression, diversity, and pretty much doing whatever you want.
So here's what I want;
To write, rhyme, and photograph a few things I reflect upon.

I never used to like the idea of having a blog, or even a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr page.
I thought they were arrogant, and would be further fuelling a self-obsessed society.
But as I have engaged with a Facebook account (and now this blog) I have learnt a few things about my former viewpoint...
I was right in some ways, but wrong in so many.
Social networking sites are internet communities. And community is found among them. There is an opportunity to share thoughts, photos, scriptures, memories, challenges, quotes, and even a little piece of yourself.
I've found that internet communities are a great way to point to something bigger than ourselves too; the fight against poverty and injustice, the true meaning of life, developing unexpected and beautiful relationships and a push for love in the midst of an often confusing and hurtful world.

And above all else, they've given me the opportunity to publicly broadcast my greatest love in this world:
                   Jesus Christ.
My Creator. The only Creator. My Lord. The only Lord. My Saviour. The only Saviour. My Redeemer. The only Redeemer. My God. The only God.

So this blog aims to be all of those things.
A look into the life of Laura Harper.
Often a small, crazy, skewed, or distorted look, but a look nonetheless.

Or a better description,
                  a reflection.

I hope you take the time to read, learn, think, muse, and even do some reflecting yourself.

With grace and peace,
La. x

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