Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I had my fourth day working at the Home today. We set up the tables for a lovely Christmas lunch. We put table cloths, Christmas trees, cutlery, napkins, santa chocolates, all in green and red of course.

I've never liked Christmas much, but today my perspective was changed.
Definitely for the better.

Seeing the residents get so excited about all the decorations, looking forward to the food, and telling me about their family coming to visit, and wishing me a merry Christmas really showed me the true meaning of Christmas.
It's about making someone smile, giving someone hope, and sharing in life together.

And now, I like Christmas. I love that 80 year olds in a Rest Home showed me this truth.

So bring on Christmas!!!

My favourite part of today was meeting a dear old resident called Allie.
She was 87 and from the West Coast, which she is very proud of. She told me all about her family, showed me her room, and proudly introduced me to her family photos and teddy bears. She lost her mother a few years ago and misses her so. She has a cupboard of all her mother's things including some very hip sunglasses!

She asked me about myself too, were my parents still alive, did I work there, am I married, how old do I think she is.
          Then she asked me these things again =).

Then she said the cutest thing. We were talking about how it must be nice to live in a place with all your friends and meeting new people. "Ooh it is you see."
Then she said,
          "You are my best friend."

I'd literally met her 5 minutes earlier but she gave me the title of Best Friend. I was honoured!

As I had to leave I said, "Merry Christmas my friend, you have a great time. I will see you in the New Year. Goodbye Allie."
She replied, "Don't say goodbye dear, it brings a tear to my eye."
"Oh sorry love, I'll be seeing you soon."

Meeting Allie today definitely made me feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing in the Home. She so easily invited me into her life, kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye, told me her story and let me close to her.
          I hope to treat people in the same way.

Merry Christmas everyone.

With grace and peace,
La x.


  1. As a relative of someone with Altzeimer's, I am a bit offended that you find it "quite amusing talking to someone with memory loss". If you were personally affected, I don't know that you'd take it so light-heartedly.

    1. Oh I am sorry if I offended you! I meant it only in a sweet and loving way. Allie was great, I wasn't poking fun at memory loss. I meant amusing without nastiness. I can delete it from my post if you like.